Executive, medical and misconduct terminations

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Avoid the traps in executive, medical and misconduct terminations.


Are you aware of all the traps to avoid in executive, medical and misconduct terminations?

Watch this HR Daily webcast where Henry Davis York partner Scarlet Reid deals specifically with these complex situations that demand up-to-the-minute knowledge of legislation and case law.

Over 90 minutes, questions from our live audience, Scarlet outlined:

• Basic and high-level considerations prior to termination decisions;

• Tips on the best processes to follow prior to termination;

• Common traps to avoid in these three scenarios;

• Evidentiary burdens and record keeping; and

• How to minimise post-termination risks including unfair dismissal, adverse action and breach of contract claims.

Webcasts are provided on USB stick sent via Australia Post. The webcast video inludes the Q&A session recording and you will also receive the presenter’s slides.

This webcast is also available on demand with HR Daily Premium membership. Find out more here.