Employment contract package

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Ensure employment arrangements are clear from the start with this package of templates.

The package contains:

  • A template letter of offer;
  • A template job description; and
  • A 12-page set of standard terms and conditions.

Together these documents form the employee’s contract of employment. The documents are designed so that they can be used for each and every employee in the organisation with only minimal alterations provided.

The standard terms and conditions cover off all of the key matters that apply to all employees (for example general duties and responsibilities, leave entitlements, compliance with company policies, termination of employment, etc) and should be issued to all employees without alteration. The standard terms and conditions are then supplemented with an individually tailored letter of offer, which sets out any matters particular to the employee (for example start date, salary, position, etc).

The documents provide for a more streamlined approach to contract preparation and endeavour to reduce a number of risks commonly arising from employment contracts.

This package is not suitable for employees covered by an enterprise agreement, but could be used by most other businesses.

The documents will be emailed to you in Word format, with spaces highlighted for you or the employee to enter relevant details.

This package has been prepared by Kristin Ramsey of Hynes Legal. It has been drafted to help your organisation comply with all relevant Australian industrial laws.